Would you like to win $100? Do you like to draw, draft & design? Are you a Cuyahoga Falls High School or Bolich or Roberts Middle School student? We want you to design our new logo!

1. Must have Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association or use our acronym (CFSFAA)- students may provide 2 versions (1 with full name and 1 with acronym)
2. Some kind of symbol to represent what we do- would like to avoid using the tiger and have something unique just for us, but that you can tell is associated with CFalls Schools (something that expresses academia, community, school spirit)
3. Would like to avoid using a tree and/or leaves, which is used in many Foundation logos
4. Needs to be scalable all the way down to a letterhead size, and large enough to put on a banner (vector format preferred)
5. Colors must be black and gold, but also legible in black and white
Please include your name, school and grade. Also include the name of your homeroom teacher and homeroom number so we can locate you.

DEADLINE:  Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at the end of the school day. Winner will be announced Friday, January 16th, 2015.


1. Turn your creation in to the CFSFAA office in the high school,

2. Email it to cf_foundation@cfalls.org

3. Mail it to ATTN: Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association 431 Stow Avenue Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

Please contact Bethany Mong at (419) 606-5900 or mong.bethany@gmail.com with any questions! All this information can be found on our Facebook Page as well.

Stipulations: 1. The Board has the right not to select a winner 2. The Board may ask for revisions to be made before naming a winner 3. The student understands that the logo will become the property of the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association and will have no legal rights to the logo after prize is awarded